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About Cloth Diapers

  • Before Purchase

In short, multiply the number of days you plan to go between diaper washes by the number of diapers your baby will use in a day.

Newborn (0-3 months): 12-14 diapers / day
Infant (3-9 months): 10-12 diapers / day 
Baby (9-18 months): 8-10 diapers / day 
Toddler (18 months and up): 6-8 diapers / day


  • Before Use

Diapers should be washed at least once before use. Wash in cold or warm water to a maximum of 40℃.

For the hook & loop diapers, please secure the laundry tabs before put into wash machine.

Bamboo inserts should be washed three times on hot and dried once on hot to ensure optimal absorbency.


  • After Use

  1. Remove poop from the diaper if have.
  2. Run a quick cycle with minimal detergent.
  3. Machine wash a full load on a heavy setting with full amount of detergent.
  4. Line dry in the sun or machine dry on low heat.


Payment & Shipment

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If your order is larger than $99, we may use UPS, DHL or FedEx to ship your order.

As some countries are not very friendly to commercial express, we can not 100% guarentee the upgrade of shipping.

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