Cloth diapers have become a popular alternative to disposable diapers in recent years due to their environmental benefits and cost savings. There are several types of cloth diapers available, each with its own unique features and benefits. The most common types include:

Prefold cloth diapers

These are the traditional cloth diapers made of cotton and are the most economical option. They require folding and fastening with diaper pins or a snappi.

All-in-one (AIO) diapers

These diapers have a waterproof outer layer and an absorbent inner layer, making them easy to use and similar to disposable diapers.

Pocket diapers

These diapers have a waterproof outer layer and a pocket for inserting an absorbent insert. They are adjustable and can be customized for the desired level of absorbency.

Hybrid diapers

These diapers combine elements of prefold and pocket diapers, with a reusable cover and disposable inserts. They are versatile and easy to use.

Fitted diapers

These diapers are similar to prefold diapers, but are fitted with elastic around the waist and legs for a snug, secure fit.

Flat diapers

These are large, rectangular pieces of fabric that can be folded to fit a baby's body and secured with pins or a snappi. They are the most economical option, but require the most folding and adjusting.


Each type of cloth diaper has its own pros and cons, and the best choice depends on a family's individual needs and preferences.

As a manufacturer, we produce the entire line of products mentioned above.

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We currently offer a variety of cloth diapers such as pocket diapers, diaper covers, all-in-one diapers, and diaper storage bags.

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